New Magic

Specially formulated product to restore and maintain any kind of inflatable boat.

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CHARACTERISTICS: It is a product specially designed for the maintenance and restoration of all types of inflatable boats. Restores the original color of both neoprene and PVC tubulars, attacked by UV rays and salt. Eliminates any kind of dirt. Prepare the dinghy cover for any repairs, favoring permanent bonding. Eliminates old waxes and silicones.

APPLICATION: Spray the product on areas of about 50 cm² at a time, then go over with a soft brush or sponge, rinse and dry. For a better result we recommend, after treating the boat with New Magic, the use of one of the two protective waxes: New Gum Cream or Gumemp100. For frequent washing or new and / or lightly soiled boats, it is recommended to dilute the product up to 100% with water.