Design matters. Without great design, the spaces in our homes lack meaning and inspiration. The perfect combination of color, texture and pattern not only adds beauty, but has the power to invigorate and rejuvenate. Living with great design and creating a beautiful custom interior are what Sunbrella® fabrics are all about. Fabulous collections with unparalleled performance that are both stunning enough for a formal piece of furniture and durable enough for the sofa you sink into at the end of the day.

YKK’s products are small parts but provide great value for each customer. That is the wish of the YKK Fastening Products Group. Therefore, YKK aims for “WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE” in terms of design, function, quality and consideration for the environment in the fastening products we provide.

Mastek presents the new line of water-based adhesives for leather goods: EKOPUR 86, EKOPREN 58, EKOPREN 901.

EKOPUR 86 “Cold” polyurethane water based adhesive,non yellowing, ideal for bonding natural and synthetic leather, lightly greased leather, fabrics, linings, regenerated, synthetic materials such as PVC, EVA, nylon and moiré.
EKOPREN 58 Polychloroprene water-based adhesive ideal for bonding of natural leather, linings, wallets, bags, regenerated for the production of belts, fabrics, etc. Usable with spray, roller and brush.
EKOPREN 901 Polychloroprene water-based adhesive ideal for bonding of natural leather, linings, regenerated for the production of belts, fabrics, wallets, bags, suitcases, cases, etc.

The versatile closure for individual applications of all kinds. The intelligent design of LOXX® with its springy interior and the selection of the highest quality materials allow for a wide range of applications in the most diverse situations. No other closure is better suited for secure fastening of all kinds under extreme conditions while at the same time being so easy to use. In order to still look good, we offer a wide range of designs and are always happy to meet customer requirements. For more information please visit our website.

Through careful design and technology, our extensive collection of marine quality coated fabrics has enhanced and protected pleasure craft and commercial vessels for years. The Spradling® design team and colourists monitor fashion, colour, and design trends worldwide to keep the company’s marine programme fresh and ready for the next design trend.

Upholstery: Our products, with a wide range of applications, differ in look & feel, touch, flexibility and fire resistance certification
Marine: Over tested and highly technical products are a guarantee of reliability.
Automotive: Wide range of motives let past and present join in car coverings.
Accessories and gadgets: The supporting structure and the back support of the same color, make our products suitable for manufacturing small and medium promotional items.

DOT® – Durability, Strength and Performance
Our DOT® product line was introduced more than 100 years ago. The DOT® reputation is built on the principles of quality and dependability. Heavy-duty construction, uniform engineering and adherence to the toughest specifications, make DOT® products what they are today. When you need a fastener that delivers Durability, Strength, and Performance in harsh conditions, you can trust DOT® to perform under pressure.

Whether our fasteners are used for protective gear worn by the military and disaster relief professionals or used on sporting goods and tents, DOT® Fasteners remain secure in challenging environments.

Marine Tuft is a unique, stylish, comfortable and durable indoor and outdoor floor covering. With a maritime look, it is particularly well-suited for use in the maritime/water sports sector

The Marine Tuft products are made of high-quality materials; the UV, seawater and chlorine water resistant fibres and the permeable Aquabac backing ensure durability in a wide range of applications.

Marine Tuft floor covering is soft for your feet, easy to clean, lightweight, sound absorbing and heat resistant.

Marine Tuft can be laid either loose or glued and is suitable for boats, caravans, houses, swimming pools, gardens, conservatories, shops and event halls.

Professional Products and Accessories for the restoration, cleaning and Nautical maintenance

All Blue Marine cleaning, restoration and maintenance products are composed of vegetable and mineral origin; a guarantee for the consumer. In addition, in accordance with the latest EC standards, they are easily and quickly biodegradable, with levels of biodegradability nearing 100%.