Extreme Basifico 1&2

A two-step system developed to polish and revitalise fiberglass boats.

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CHARACTERISTICS: Two-phase product. Protective and polishing regenerating treatment for fiberglass boats attacked by salt, UV rays and atmospheric agents, with fast and simple processing, long lasting.

STEP 1 – After washing the boat taking care to eliminate grease and grease (possibly using Forza100 diluted 50%) with a brush, spread the Extreme 1 evenly over the entire boat, starting from the bottom up . Wait 10/15 minutes, then wipe with a wet sponge and rinse.
STEP 2- Wait for the boat to dry completely, then with a soft cloth or cotton wool spread the Extreme2 product over the entire boat, including metals, with circular movements and applying pressure. After about 5/10 minutes of drying, wipe with dry and clean cotton wool. After the two-phase treatment, we will have a white boat with bright and shiny colors, without any stains and encrustations, like new. Stains of rust and yellowing will also disappear. Treatment applicable on any type of gelcoat of any color and on polyurethane type paints